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Jaclyn Miller // Wood Wall Art


Maker: Jaclyn Miller
Company: Wood Wall Art
Goods: Wood wall art, wall sculptures, wood prints, and functional art from reclaimed or re-purposed wood.

Loving the custom, hand-made wall pieces and Jaclyn’s use of both natural stains and bold colors.  The multiple use for single pieces, wall art + headboard, is a nice touch and expands the re-usability throughout the home over time.  Here’s a bit about Jaclyn to get you started, check out a couple more custom pieces below.

As an artist, Jaclyn Miller dabbled in painting, photography, and stained glass before discovering her true calling: working with wood. Her wood art consists of a kaleidoscope of wood dyes and geometric arrangements to create pieces that accentuate the natural patterns and textures of wood. An eclectic mixture of new lumber, repurposed and up-cycled woods, and specialty hardwoods ensures that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

Born and raised in Seattle, Jaclyn studied art at St. Lawrence University in New York before returning home to work in an entirely unrelated field. She soon realized she was not meant for a cubicle and in 2012 left her day job to pursue art full time. 

Get more info on Jaclyn’s background, passion and process at



You can find these and many other awesome, hand-made wood pieces by Jaclyn available for order over at or at her Etsy store .

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