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Zack Rosenburg – St Bernard Project


Zack Rosenburg – Social Innovator

Passion. Drive. Creativity.  When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, Zack Rosenburg was a criminal defense attorney in Washington, DC.  He had previously founded a non-profit, Linking Communities for Education Success, to provide tutoring and mentoring to at-risk junior high students in the DC area.  After a post-Katrina visit to New Orleans with colleague and teacher Liz McCartney, the two of them left their respective fields and Washington, DC and headed to New Orleans on a mission of finding better means of rebuilding after natural disasters through creativity, innovation, education and collaboration.

The St. Bernard Project focuses on the rebuilding of homes destroyed in the St. Bernard parish and building processes around the lessons learned in order to scale the response and rebuilding for future disasters.  Zack and Liz have managed to bring together state and local assets, universities and expertise and innovation from the likes of UPS and Toyota to create a new way of rebuilding homes.

St. Bernard Project’s mission – in their words…

St. Bernard Project (SBP) is an award-winning rebuilding, nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure that disaster-impacted communities recover in a prompt, efficient, and predictable way. With its innovative, vertically integrated construction system, SBP is poised to serve as a model for disaster rebuilding and affordable housing.

In addition to their REBUILD initiative, they have maximized the opportunity to further help and pay it forward through the Opportunity Housing Project, Veteran’s Initiative and Center for Mental Wellness and Health.

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