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Candle Collection // The Creative Candle

Explore.  Inspire.  Create.  Share.  Reflect.

The Dunwoody Duluth Candle was conceived to promote creative experiences.  Each scent was carefully chosen to represent a step in the Creative Cycle – we actually assembled a diverse group of creatives and entrepreneurs to participate in the scent selection process.  The reusable candle box was designed to promote creativity in the home and family through reuse projects.

Reuse Not Refuse

Every part of the Dunwoody Duluth Candle and packaging is designed to be reusable – and not simply trashed.  Once the candle is completely burned and enjoyed, the vessel is reusable as a 18oz beverage glass, complete with oz markers for use at the bar or in the kitchen as needed.  The candle box label is comprised of 2 postcard prints from the Dunwoody Duluth Art Collection.  With the label removed, the candle box itself is designed to be painted, cut, hung, filled, gifted, planted, modded or crafted in as many ways as your (and/or your kid’s) creativity will take you.

Candle Availability

This project is currently active.  All 5 candles from the Dunwoody Duluth Candle Collection will be available for purchase soon.  Want to be notified as the first candles are available for purchase?  Fill out the form and we’ll keep you up-to-date.  (We don’t share or sell email addresses)

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