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We Love Aspen Bay Candles


We love Aspen Bay Candles.

Recycled glass jars, recycled steel lids and locally sourced materials are all great from an environmental and sustainability perspective, but the fragrance quality and material matching are what makes a candle great – and this is where Aspen Bay glows.  From founder Roberta Man’s experimentation with votive wax formulations beginning in the late 70’s to today’s innovative custom fragrance house owned and managed by Tom Reed, Aspen Bay Candles are fragrance first.

A candle can smell great in the store and not-so-great when you burn it at the house.  On the other hand, a candle can smell not-so-great on the shelf, but great burning… chances are you didn’t buy it.  There’s a lot of science and art that goes into making a great candle, and this is where Tom and Aspen Bay are both artist and scientist.  Yes, the custom mixed and precisely measured fragrance has to be exact, but the shape of the vessel, type of wick, placement of wick, tint of glass and other “normally after the fact” details are all just as important in creating a great candle experience.  Creativity, innovation, art and science in a candle.


As we love spreading creativity through sharing the products and stories of good people and creators, we’re partnering with Aspen Bay to give away a few of their most popular candles.  Get more info and enter  here.

Somewhere in the near future we’ll cover Aspen Bay’s own Tom Reed (innovator, maker, mayor, entrepreneur) in a bit more detail… stay tuned.


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