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The Art Collection (Update)


Dunwoody Duluth Art Collection – The Dunwoody Duluth Story on Canvas

The four (4) primary pieces of the Dunwoody Duluth Art Collection are now complete! It’s been a long road from conception to reality, but the final pieces are exactly what I had envisioned. For getting whats inside my mind transformed into bits and atoms, I’ve found that one part fuzzy goal, one part awesome people and a pinch of serendipity results in pretty much exactly what I had imagined.

Early on I thought, “I want to tell 1000 stories through telling the Dunwoody Duluth story on canvas… stories that 1000’s of others can relate to, be part of and love.”  We are currently in the process of digitally capturing each of the four (4) 54″ x 54″ pieces in super hi-res format.  As soon as this is complete, we will begin curating the first series of prints.

Throughout the process, we captured not only the process, but also digital versions of the pieces at various states.  We will be giving away some of these pre-release “process” prints through our Facebook page in the lead up to the completion of Series #1.
















We’re giving away a 5 sets of (3) pre-release Art Prints from the “process” series of our Art Collection.  Enter to win at

Alongside the Art Collection, the Candle Collection and Cutting Board are very close to completion.  Check back for updates.

Dunwoody Duluth "Process" Series Art Print Giveaway


Dunwoody Duluth Cultivating Creativity

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