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Art Collection // The Art of Storytelling

Dunwoody Duluth Art Collection

1000’s of unique stories through art, paint and canvas.

The Dunwoody Duluth Art Collection started as a visual representation of our story and the creative process.  The initial concept was to create a large, multi-piece art collection based on the brand and centered around the logo, while documenting the iterative nature of the Creative Cycle – Explore, Inspire, Create, Share, Reflect.

The inspiration for a much larger collection, and allowing others to create unique visual stories for their homes, came very early on in the creative process.  We wanted others to share in the creative process and make something unique, meaningful and personal.

Build your story… Get Creative.

Art Availability

This project is currently active.  Prints from the Dunwoody Duluth Art Collection will be available for purchase soon.  Want to be notified as the first prints are available for purchase?  Fill out the form and we’ll keep you up-to-date.  (We don’t share or sell email addresses)

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Series 01.x | Framed Wall Art Collage

Create your unique story through color, shapes and design.  Here is a more traditional approach to a wall collage using (8) 5×5 Dunwoody Duluth art prints from the 01.x Series mounted in 8×8 frames with white archival matting.  The possibilities are unlimited… Get Creative.

Series 02.x | Unframed Wall Art Collage

Wanna skip the frames?  Here’s a sample unframed collage from the 02.x Series.  Each print is on 7″x7″ Canson Infinity BFK Rives paper, with a print area of 5″x5″.  Vintage pins are used to mount directly to wall.  The possibilities are unlimited… Get Creative.