Maker of Home Goods + Cultivating Creativity


Dunwoody Duluth is a designer + maker of high-quality, curated home goods – with a passion to inspire through tailored products, curated content and giving back through creative good.  Born from a world of consumer retail, kitchen & bath products and design thinking, Dunwoody Duluth is a response to the no-so-great experiences provided by the pursuit of unlimited offerings and options by many manufacturers today.  We are constantly exploring and curating content, relationships and information to help us identify the right ideas and products to pursue.  Our culture of curation also helps us provide you with great and relevant content through our publications.  Life is not just about great products, it’s about living good.  Get Creative. Live Good. Do Good.

Get Creative.

Creativity is in your DNA, not something reserved just for artists.  It’s at the heart of happiness and is readily available in anyone, most are simply unaware.  Being creative is as much about what you consume as what you produce.  Learn something new, work beside someone different, take a different route.  Creativity can change your family tree.  Find your Creativity.

Live Good.

Dunwoody Duluth products are conceived and created with great experiences in mind.  From long-lasting quality of materials and crafting to ease of selection and coordination, our products are a reflection of who we are.  We want to help you get the products without having to wade through infinite options, configurations and styles.  Stop searching and start Living.

Do Good.

Doing good, giving (not to receive, but to grow) and sharing are all part of living good.  We believe in innovating, building and sharing for good and we love collaborating with others who share this belief.  Small efforts in good can yield enormous results in the lives of others… and your own.  You CAN have your cake and eat it too.  Get to know Good.